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All of the patent attorneys at Gallagher & Dawsey Co., L.P.A are U.S.P.T.O registered patent attorneys with significant experience in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in the medical, biotechnology, mechanical, materials, electrical, and computer fields. Our patent lawyers and trademark lawyers stay abreast of the latest trends related to intellectual property including patent litigation, patent prosecution, trademark litigation, trademark prosecution, copyright litigation, U.S. International Trade Commission proceedings, CAFC opinions, licensing, and technology transfer.

A significant portion of our practice is focused on the performance of patent searches, trademark searches, and related patent opinions and trademark opinions. Our patent attorneys regularly perform patentability searches and detailed prior art searches prior to preparation of patent applications, and in anticipation of patent litigation. In addition to serving as infringement trial counsel, the patent lawyers at Gallagher & Dawsey Co. LPA also assist other litigation attorneys in intellectual property infringement lawsuits, including the drafting of patent infringement opinions, patent validity opinions, patent invalidity opinions, patent right to use opinions, freedom to operate opinions, and patent design around opinions.


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