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USPTO's Patent Databases

U.S. Trademark Application Status

Library of Congress Copyright Office

Federal Communications Commission
Federal Trade Commission
Food & Drug Administration

Canadian Intellectual Property Office
European Patent Office
European Union Commission - Europa
IP Australia
United Kingdom Patent Office
World Intellectual Property Organization

The Intellectual Property Information Mall: Franklin Pierce Law Center
Intellectual Property and Technology Forum at Boston College Law School
Opinions of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

Miscellaneous Intellectual Property Sites
Intellectual Property Law Center
IP World Online

Just for Fun
The National Inventors Hall of Fame
The Computer Museum History Center

Our Other Sites
International Intellectual Property Protection
This site is dedicated to providing information to intellectual property practitioners throughout the world, with specific emphasis on the unique requirements of protecting foreign intellectual property within the United States of America.

The Trademark Firm
This site is dedicated to providing an online resource for branding experts and business owners to obtain a comprehensive trademark search from experienced trademark attorneys. Directed to trademark owners comfortable with doing business on the Internet.

Contingent Fee Patent Litigation
This site is explains the benefits of contingent fee patent litigation and the information that a contingent fee patent litigator needs to assess whether a potential patent infringement case is a good patent infringement case or a bad patent infringement case.

Trademark Search Attorney
This site is the sister site of TheTrademarkFirm.

Golf Intellectual Property
The Golf-Patents blog is dedicated to following and discussing intellectual property trends and issues in the golf industry. The Golf-Patents blog follows new products and technology, recently published patent applications and recently issued patents, what the industry leaders are doing related to intellectual property, and intellectual property litigation concerning the golf industry.


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