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"The Intellectual Property Law Firm of Gallagher and Dawsey is professional, persevering, congenial, and best of all helped me acquire two patents. I highly recommend them.""

Eleanor Spreitzer
Category: US Utility Patent Prosecution

"I have been very pleased working with attorney David Dawsey. I have recommended him to several friends. As this is my first time applying for a trademark, he has been very helpful and patient with answering my many questions! I had told him the reason I chose him was that I had checked another law office specializing in what I needed, but the other law office seemed to want to do it mostly by e-mail. David suggested my coming into the office to speak with him. As someone who prefers the one on one, to put a face with a name, I found this to be more acceptable for me. Although, the correspondence we do now is by e-mail and by telephone, I know if needed I could set up an appointment to meet at his office. To some, that may not be their "cup of tea"" but David's friendliness and way of helping me understand the process has made this an experience that is not so intimidating."


Diana Marie - The Shepherd's Daughter

“Gallagher & Dawsey Intellectual Property Law has always followed through and done very accurate work as they promised to do, while performing in a very promptly manner. There were no surprises with pricing or anything that came up during our business. They have always delivered very great and accurate work in a respectable and appreciated time frame. They have went over and beyond in meeting all our goals and expectations. It was very cost efficient and we are very appreciative to how easy it was to work with them and how professional their work was, while also being very personable and helpful in meeting our personal needs. I look forward to them handling all my intellectual property concerns in the future.”


Louie Simmons
Westside Barbell

"When I need expert guidance on intellectual property law matters, I turn to the intellectual property law firm of Gallagher and Dawsey. They have proven themselves to be at the top of their field. Mr. David Dawsey is extremely knowledgeable, always punctual, and clearly passionate about his practice. He combines a deep commitment to professional excellence with a relentless pursuit of state of the art development in the field. His communications, whether on the telephone or in writing, are straight and to the point, well informed, and always spot on. And finally, the firm's fees are quite fair and reasonable. Highly recommended, without reservation.”

S.J. Leonard, Director
Poulsbo Golf LLC
Inventor of USPN D691,687
Category: US Design Patent Prosecution, US Utility Patent Prosecution

"Being the first time that I needed intellectual property advice in the States, I needed someone who made me feel well informed at all times. Michael and his team did a great job and I'm confident that together we found the best solution for my requirements."

Salvador Rizo

STAR CENTRAL® Entertainment services in the nature of an on-going reality based television program, US Registered Trademark No. 4,035,113 Category: US Trademark Application Prosecution

"David has been a guiding force since I found him via his blog. He saw the novelty and function of my idea and put into words and images the essence of my innovation beyond what I could have done on my own."

Mark Schneider
Inventor of USPN 7833114 and D592,713
Category: US Utility Patent Prosecution, US Design Patent Prosecution

"Ever since day 1, everyone at Gallagher & Dawsey was extremely friendly and receptive. Being that our company is Brazilian, we had no idea how the trademark process worked in the US, but all our doubts were always promptly clarified by Mr. Gallagher himself. During the whole process, we felt that you guys were always one step ahead of us, never letting us miss a deadline, and never failing to supply us with important information. The whole project was smoother than we could ever have wished for. Be sure that your company will always be recommended by us. We also couldn't forget to mention the lovely Ms. Tonya Shrigley, who helped us A LOT on the last day we had to send the proof-of-use of our trademark. If it wasn't for her extra effort we'd likely have lost the deadline... thanks a lot Tonya, you are awesome!"

Sincerly yours,
Renato Carvalho of Gradua Networks, Brazil
WriteWork® on-line digital library, US Registered Trademark No. 4,046,257
Category: US Trademark Application Prosecution


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