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  IP Litigation

Common sense intellectual property litigation strategy and execution is what the IP litigation attorneys at Gallagher & Dawsey strive to provide. Our IP lawyers examine and identify how to quickly and most effectively put a litigation matter in a position that the opposing party recognizes as a position whose value negatively changes the longer litigation extends. Unlike other law firms who aggressively focus on low return and high cost phases of IP litigation such as discovery, the Ohio IP litigators at Gallagher & Dawsey utilize the local court rules to aggressively chip away at an opposing party’s case in an economical focused manner. Complex intellectual property litigation does not have to begin with a seven-figure investment and a huge team of attorneys, regardless of what the mega law firms want clients to believe. Small litigation teams at boutique intellectual property law firms such as Gallagher & Dawsey can offer the specialization that IP cases require and confidence knowing that the litigators only deal the intellectual property matters rather than insurance litigation one day, real estate litigation the next, and construction litigation the third.

The reality is that only a very small percentage of intellectual property cases go to trial. Thus, the firms that proclaim “instead of preparing every case as if it will settle, we prepare cases to go to trial,” might as well proclaim that they will spend your money as they see fit without the burden of litigation realities. Narrowly focused discovery tailored to the issues leading to successful dispositive motions or claim language interpretations is generally at the core of intellectual property litigation in the Southern District and Northern District of Ohio. Our IP attorneys work with you to understand the business objectives and tailor an appropriate litigation strategy.

The IP litigation team at Gallagher & Dawsey serves as lead IP litigation counsel, as well as serving as consulting IP counsel and local counsel to general litigation firms, in the SDOH and the NDOH. Our services include:

- Patent litigation, including false patent marking matters and patent reexaminations.
- Trademark litigation.
- Copyright litigation.
- IP Licensing litigation.
- Trade secret litigation.

A selection of IP litigation matters handled by the boutique IP litigation firm of Gallagher & Dawsey is found here.

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